2024 Benefits Benchmarking Study Participation

(In partnership with USI)

Central Nebraska HR is offering its members the opportunity to participate in the USI 2024 Benefits Benchmarking Study. If you are not a current member, you will need to submit a membership form HERE.

More than 10,000 employers participated in USI’s study last year, which provided powerful data on benefits that informed these organizations in developing competitive benefits plans.  This year there are also going to be additional survey questions around gene therapy treatments, GLP-1 coverage along with enhanced Population Health topics.

The 2024 USI Benefits Benchmarking Study results will help you and your organization understand where your plans perform well and where adjustments can be made to ensure that your benefits are aligned with your organization’s needs and expectations for 2025 and beyond. The survey closes on April 4, 2024. CNHR will receive the custom Plan Performance Assessment in May and will distribute the results to all companies that participate in the Benefits Benchmarking Study.